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2103-Itchtuckney ~ Spring.2084-Paddling down the Ichetucknee.2101-Along The Itchtuckney.2130-Cypress "Knee's"2148-Blue Springs Stream ~ Flowing to the Santa Fe River.2171-Blue Springs-Marsh.2070- Cypress ~ "Pillar's of The Marsh"2073- Cypress "Pillar's of The Marsh" 22070- Cypress ~" Pillar's Of The Masrsh"-32166 Ancient-Cypress.4964 Stream-side-Cypress.0013-Canal Walk ~ Cypress Marsh2200-Cypress Wetland.2053-Weathered ~ Scrub Oak5481-Limpkin Mom & Chick ~ Escrdot"5403-Limpkin Chick.5096--Great Blue Heron ~ Evening catch.5171-Anhinga ~ Catching some ray's.5324 ~ Night Heron ~ "On the rocks".5291-Tri-Color-Heron ~ Looking for a snack.