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3836-M-AUTUMN LANDSCAPE.6379-Sweetwater Wetlands Preserve2200-Cypress Wetland.Pickerelweed~.Sweetwater Wetlands Preserve~Gainesville, FL9975-Apple Snail Eggs2828-LIMPKIN'S FAVORITE ~ APPLE SNAIL.5481-Limpkin Mom & Chick ~" Escargot"5403-Limpkin Chick.4874-Great Blue Heron5096--Great Blue Heron ~ Evening catch.2669-Great Blue Heron.4738-Great Blue Heron with Siren.2208-GREAT-BLUE ~ IBIS PAIR ~ AT SUNDOWN0044-Anhinga Preening5171-Anhinga ~ Catching some ray's.Anhinga On a Surf Board~Sweetwater Wetlands Preserve~Gainesville, FLAnhinga on a Surf Board--2~.Sweetwater Wetlands Preserve~Gainesville, FL5291-Tri-Color-Heron ~ Looking for a snack.5324 ~ Night Heron ~ "On the rocks".5325-Night Heron- ~ "On The Rocks" -2